Tuesday, October 25, 2011


this song goes along with the article so well, talking all about how the girl needs to be saved and be the princess. way to go taylor swift just feed into the idea that we as feminist are trying to avoid.

I was annoyed with this women in the beinnning of the article, all the ranting and complaining about a freakn toy but as i read on i started to realize that i was one of these girls. Almost every day when i was younger my friend paige and i would play princesses, we would dress up and run around trying to get saved and stay out of the way of the evil step sisters and evil witches. We had all the costumes movies and most of the other nonsense that you could by that was princess related. As we got older of course we grew out of this but we still yerned for the girly like things such as canopy beds, nail polish, american girl dolls, and nail polish. Makeup became a must an we loved trying to look girly and be appealing. We were the first to use purses as pencil cases at our very strict catholic school. Now that we are of college age i can see how it has affect us both, i always have had a boyfriend and do not feel comfortable without one, paige is going to school to be an actress/model and doesnt know much else other then to get places with her looks. Not to say that we cant think for ourselves or that we are not intelligant girls, but a lot of the things brought up in the article applied to our younger years. She talks of how it would seem that the feminist movement never happened and that young girls are going to get the wrong idea. It is not going to be easy to not allow girls to be exposed to the princess market because it seems to just be a part of growing up, the idea is that the messege needs to be explained and known that it is not how life actually is.


At October 30, 2011 at 7:04 PM , Blogger Lesley said...

powerful personal connection... say more about the specific claims Orenstein makes here.


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